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Pug Noir or The Black Pug of the Family

What a weekend of gastronomic indulgence and relentless attention! I, for one, am ready to tuck into my stinky red bed for some serious napping and quiet reverie; the breakneck pace of our travels overwhelmed Lizzie and me. We spent Wednesday and Thursday at Grandma and Grandpa’s on the Cape, left Friday for Vermont, where we spent Friday night and Saturday, and left for New York on Sunday morning.

I realize, however, that most of you are more interested in reading a report about the meeting with our new cousin, Cecily, than having me regale you with tales of ort consumption. While I have absolutely no interest in the acquisition of yet another pug, this one isn’t terrible…and by that I mean, she has no obvious or overt mannerisms that would put me off my food or cause me to react in a violent sort of way. She seemed welcoming (maybe even genuinely glad to see us) and appropriately deferential to yours truly. As long as I am accorded the respect I rightfully deserve, then I have no reason to complain. Lizzie, of course, acted the perfect idiot with a lot of wiggling, wagging, and sniffing. They seemed to connect on some primal kind of “I’ve experienced birth and know the pain”  female way, which personally, I find offensive. I also should mention, though it is of little consequence, that she is not unattractive. At any rate the three of us enjoyed walking on the beach and curling up on the couch for napping, so I would say that life was pretty much the same for me. I did note that by the time we left, Miss Cecily was developing a fairly strong fondness for me, not that I didn’t blame her. It certainly shows she has taste and the ability to recognize class and intelligence. So, as long as she remains deferential and obsequious, I will tolerate her presence in our family.

It remains to be seen how successful the next new acquisition will be.

Respectfully submitted,


For all of you girly girls, a portrait of Lizzie and Cecily. Lizzie says they're sister friends or some such mawkish drivel.

Here we are...three pugs on a Thanksgiving day beach walk.

Here Miss C. is in hot pursuit of yours truly.

I must admit, she has a pretty tight figure for having had two litters.

This is it, folks, the final "emo" shot of Ceci...no more. I've devoted enough time and space to this pug. She will have to have her blog if she wants press time!I apologize for this gratuitous “emo” shot, but I know how emotional you readers can be. From now on, the blog is about me!


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