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The Continuing Saga of Mason Man Pants, or Catch of the Day

Gauging by the recent responses to my somewhat humiliating and revelatory writings, I am compelled to complete this journey with you, dear readers. Maybe it is the preternatural arrival of spring or the perfect confluence of a planetary alignment…whatever the case may be; these denim bad boys saved me today. I will spare you the gruesome details of my little mishap, but suffice it to say that like a well-seasoned catcher’s mitt, they caught the ball, so to speak.

Due to their cunning design, it was an easy transfer from the drawers to the commode. I was relieved, Dad was smiling, Mom was dancing, and Lizzie…well, you must use your imagination there. What a great day for everyone.

I must admit my reluctance and mild revulsion when I was first introduced to them, but now they are my most trusted friend and bedtime companion. It is not as if I am wearing them outdoors where people can easily assess my situation. Knowing that I will not be the source of my parent’s frustration, disappointment, or even anger is a great relief to yours truly. It is part of my nighttime ritual…going for a walk, getting a treat, putting on the man pants, and getting into bed with Mom and Dad. See how easy it has become?

For all of you older pugs or those of you suffering from any continence issues, I cannot recommend these enough. The only down side is that I believe Lizzie finds me even more attractive when I’m wearing them. She looks at me in a way I find alarming and always says something about my trim waist. She is a fool and I don’t suffer fools gladly.

Respectfully submitted,


How can you not love this face? You've seen the pants already so now let's focus on the face.


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