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Now It’s My Turn

Hi Everybody!

It’s Lizzie. Mason decided to take a little vay-cay from writing today (he said his brain needed a rest and that he wasn’t feeling inspired). I don’t know about that but it really has been a long time since I last wrote a blog, hasn’t it?

For a pug, my life is wonderful, filled with much happiness and love, even though Mason would argue about that. Mason doesn’t seem to understand that I really do wish him well and that my world is topsy-turvy when he is away or unwell. That E-collar business was awful! I know he accused me of being false, but that is untrue. I was so worried when he went to the doctor that when he returned, I tried to cover him with kisses, nuzzling, and love. He would have nothing to do with me as I sniffed his doctor office scent and tried to comfort him. He is always acting the tough guy but I know he really loves the attention. As far as my stealing his marrowbones, that is not true either. I was merely putting them in a safe place until his recovery. Since he couldn’t chew with that huge collar on his neck, I put them in my bed so he wouldn’t feel frustrated every time he saw them.

And when he had to visit the surgeon on Cape Cod, I was really worried and anxious…so much so that on the trip back to NYC, I jumped up on the new rolled up carpet in the car to be near Mom and Dad. I needed comfort and Mason just assumed I was trying take them away from him. Mason says I can make truth out of fiction, if it suits my purposes. I think that is mean and untrue. Mason is always seeing the worst in people and pets.

Oh well, the thing is Mason has recovered and doesn’t need surgery, which makes me very happy. I know he thinks I am an idiot and a silly goose, but so what? I do love our pug contest on Facebook, and I think all of you who have sent in photos are wonderful and beautiful and brave! I think you all are winners, despite Mason’s sour view of life. He means well but he can’t help being a grouch sometimes. I think it is a guy kind of thing. He says, “Lizzie, you need to go to the mailbox and get your reality check. It must be here today!” I have no idea what he means so I just keep a low profile and take a nap.

Thanks for listening…until next time

Pugs and kisses,


This was taken right before Mason's appointment with the surgeon. You can see my worried expression.


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New pug on the blog

Since I’m new to blogging, please bear with me; I am a pug after all. My name is Mason and I’ve been told that I am exceptionally handsome. I’ll let  you be the judge. I’m not really interested in appearance unless it gets me food, which is the alpha and omega of my existence. 

Let me give you some basics about myself and then I can move into more interesting stuff. I live in Manhattan with my “sister” (she isn’t even related) Lizzie…another pug,  but of questionable lineage. She came to us significantly overweight and could barely navigate the streets of Lower Manhattan, where we live. She is okay, as far as females go, but lately she has been cutting into my food acquisition ploys…not cool at all.

My mom is a total knockout, and I guess you could say my dad is attractive for a human. He is a lot looser about passing out the treats than Mom so I give him that. I’ve been with Mom since I was 18 months old, living in Boston, Dallas, and now New York. After food, she rules my world.

In the summer, Lizzard (my pet name for her) and I travel to the Cape and spend about five months at my grandparent’s place…this is definitely the life for a pug. Barbecues, clamming, boating, swimming, baseball games,  walking on the beach, and just hanging out fill our days. Doing errands with Grandpa is the best since treats are always involved. Our summers are so cool that my grandparents are actually doing a photo book about our days with them. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I think you have enough information for one day…I’ll enclose a photo so you can see what we look like. You can also go to: http://www.capecard.net for more.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S. I’m the dude on the right.     

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