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A Little Privacy for A Pug, If You Please


I’ve given this particular entry a good deal of thought because I am a pug of considerable sensitivity, and one who is mindful of his readers’ sensitivities. Let me be perfectly clear at the onset that my only intention is to heighten your awareness of something you probably have never considered, and not to chastise you in any way, dear reader.

Because I am a pug, it has come to my attention over the years that one of the most basic of bodily functions is universally treated by dog owners in a fairly cavalier and disrespectful manner. I realize that having to relieve oneself on the street, gutter, lawn, beach, or any other such public venue precludes privacy or modesty. I am, however, eager to point out that, even with these constraints, a pug still appreciates its owner or walker averting his gaze during the process.

I am not a particularly fastidious or private creature, but I do have standards. I cannot help but recoil in horror when I see a poor, tricked-out, little poodle straining at the curb, with its owner barking  “COME ON, MUFFIN, MAKE FOR MOMMY!” or “BITSY, MAKE A CA-CA LIKE A BIG GIRL!” I’m sorry, dear reader, but this kind of spirited encouragement is degrading and humiliating for all dogs, both large and small.

Perhaps the next time you see your beleaguered little dog, pleading with sad and embarrassed eyes as he relieves himself,  you’ll have the sensitivity to look away. Having said this, you should know that “good job” whispered sotto voce to your pet is acceptable. This always must be followed with a tasty treat.

For those of you whom I may have offended, please forgive me. It was not my intention. On this matter I speak for all pugs, I am sure.

Respectfully submitted,



Here you see me in my most compromising position, vulnerable and exposed

Here you see me in my most compromising position, vulnerable and exposed to the naked eye.

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