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The Myth of Valentine’s Day, or What’s Love Got to Do With It?

You know the gene pool is mighty shallow when all a pug can come up with to write about is Valentine’s Day and what she is grateful for! I apologize to you, dear reader, for having to read Lizzie’s pitiful pap. A lot of you will chastise me for being so harsh, and yes, she is well intended but is so lacking in substance. She did, however, spawn some introspective thinking for me when she made reference to the holiday you humans seem to adore…Valentine’s Day. Now for a pug, it is the same as any other day of the year and we attach no significance to its interpretation. I hate to be a “bah, humbug” kind of pug, but I cannot lie.

 In light of Facebook’s recent debut of “25 things you might not know about me” here is a little newsflash about yours truly…I am a father. Many of you may let escape a little “Oooooh, how sweet” or “I bet he’s a really good dad.” Neither of these observations applies. See, in my realm, being a father is strictly a biological function. Quite frankly I don’t even remember being consulted, and furthermore I didn’t even know the bitch (I am speaking strictly in canine terminology, folks). There were no hearts and flowers, no wooing, and no life promises in this relationship. I will spare my more sensitive readers the details, but suffice it to say I was not an active participant!

 After the birth of my progeny, I was relieved of any future siring possibilities by the dreaded neutering procedure. I can honestly state that I suffered no ill effects, aside from being incredibly drowsy for a day. And yes, my pups were quite beautiful even though I only saw photos of them (which I’ve attached). So for a male pug, there isn’t a lot of fathering or romance in our lives.  Lizzie, however, attributes love to everything and maybe it is different for pugs that mother a litter (as she did). She is a sentimental fool, though, and sometimes I have to turn a deaf ear to her drivel.

There you have it…a pug’s take on Valentine’s Day. And, for those of you who may be concerned about overpopulating the pug world, I am a champion and was therefore obligated to reproduce at least once.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S. Today is my 8th birthday…no big deal but I’m just putting it out there..


Pretty cute little fellow, isn't he?

Pretty cute little fellow, isn't he?

Two more beauties...I think my genes speak for themselves!

Two more beauties...I think my genes speak for themselves!






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