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Taste For Taste, or Lame Lollipop Licking Lizzie

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating…Lizzie is probably the lamest pug on the planet. Now, of course, I am coming from a somewhat biased point of view, but nonetheless, she does sometimes astound me with her incredible idiocy. She is not alone, however, in this particular instance. My father was a willing and active participant in the event I am about to describe.

Mom was away the week before last, and during her absence Dad bonded closely with the little twit. She, each and every evening after work and walkies, would snuggle on the couch in a nook Dad made with his body, and there they would lie, close and content as two proverbial peas in a pod. I, having no interest in this sort of physical commingling, was content to rest, in dignified manner, on the rug.

When Mom returned from her week of travel there was an immediate shifting of couch positions in the evening. Lizzie, reverting to some atavistic or primal urge, quickly returned to Mom, seeking her spot in the crook of Mom’s legs where she curled up like the plump little partridge she is. Dad, who has a penchant for Blow Pops and is wont to suck two at a time, began sucking furiously as he viewed Lizzie’s treachery. Unfazed, Lizzie slept blissfully while the drama unfolded. From either side of Dad’s mouth protruded two walrus-like lollipop sticks, which he sucked on furiously as he pondered her betrayal and his hurt. I watched as, in final desperation, he lured Lizzie to his lap by pulling one of the pops out of his mouth and offering it to the object of his affection. Lizzie, being the weak-willed and sweet seeking pug that she is, succumbed without hesitation, taking the proffered pop into her mouth. Dad then removed it from her mouth and placed it back into his. This nauseating relay continued without interruption, until Mom, still jetlagged and drowsy, looked up in horror.

Well, dear reader, Dad got his silly pug back, but at what a price! I am still reeling from that visual. Mind you, it doesn’t disturb my sensibilities (I am a pug after all) but I cannot imagine my fastidious Dad, were he in his right mind, ever sharing ANY food item with a pug that cleans herself thoroughly on a daily basis. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

There you have it…is it true love or jealousy, or perhaps a combination of both? You be the judge.

Respectfully submitted,


The quality of this shot is poor (Mom's iphone) but at least you can get a sense of the drama.


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Sundays and A Homesick Little Pug

I am a pug…” If you prick us, do we not bleed?

if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison

us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not

revenge?”  William Shakespeare

I know some of you may find it difficult or painful to accept, but we pugs have an internal calendar and whenever Sunday rolls around, I find myself experiencing a yearning otherwise absent during the week. I apologize to the most revered Mr. Shakespeare for my lighthearted tampering with his The Merchant of Venice, and let me reassure you, dear reader, that I am not seeking revenge for anything, but you need to understand that pugs do feel pain and emotional anguish as do you humans.

Sundays were the day Mom devoted to me, her number one little man. We took long walks in the park, spent lazy afternoons napping on the couch or watching a favorite movie together. It was our day, our time, and it sustained me for the workweek ahead. I allowed her liberties I would never, under any other circumstances, consider acceptable by anyone else. We cuddled, snuggled, and frolicked together. She was mine and I was hers.

I don’t mean to be such a sissy, but Mom, I really miss you on Sundays. I can’t let Grandma and Grandpa know because they would feel bad and not know what to do. So, I did what any self-respecting pug would  under these circumstances…went into the back woods, found an old bone, and let it comfort me for the afternoon.

Sad in Sepia is what I call this photo...

Sad in Sepia is what I call this photo...

Mom, I can hardly wait until Friday when you arrive for two weeks.

Respectfully submitted,



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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive

Sir Walter Scott’s poetic line is certainly appropriate for today’s entry. I am caught out, undone, revealed, exposed, discovered, and busted. The jig is up. My dirty secret has been laid bare. My life will no longer run with its controlled clock-like precision, all because I had over-weaning confidence and let down my guard. I was sure I could keep up the ruse, fool my mom, deceive the world, and conceal the truth.

Saturday morning, a particularly wonderful day of the week for any right-minded pug, found Mom, Dad, Lizzard, and yours truly snuggled deep into a world of down…sandwiched between the featherbed and comforter. It was so warm and cozy that I let go, relaxed in the moment, and against my better judgment and instinct, did the unthinkable…I started playing with Lizzie.

We lay face to face and started batting each other with our paws while mouth wrestling. I know, I know…it was stupid. At that point, Mom peeked under the cover because she felt our little legs kicking and caught us in the act of joyful abandon! I have spent the past year convincing everyone that this silly little pug is something I merely tolerate and it is only out of the generosity of my spirit that she is allowed to share my space. To be foiled in such an unmanly way sickens me.

So now, dear reader, my folks know the truth…that Lizzie and I play when we are alone. We romp, we frolic, we gambol wildly, we interact, and we cuddle. Lizzie, because she is such a mental midget, sees no problem with their knowing the truth and so naturally she tries to do these same activities in front of them. I have had to rebuff her soundly so they wouldn’t assume “we have bonded.”

I can no longer make them feel guilty for leaving us. It is over and I am a ruined pug. Read this and weep for me.

Respectfully submitted,



Caught again by that d--- pug cam in our most compromising and intimate of positions!

Caught again by that d--- pug cam in our most compromising and revealing position!

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