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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello or A Pug’s Request For Honesty

How many of you are guilty of the following: you’re getting ready to leave the house for an appointment, errands, work, or holiday, and out of guilt, you go through a much too lengthy process of saying goodbye to your precious pug(s)? Whether to expiate or soothe your troubled conscience, you promise, in a voice tinged with concern, to bring Snookums a cookie, treat, or take him on an extra long walk. At this point, even the slowest pug gets that you are running some jive by him, and he reacts in a way designed to prolong your leave taking even more.

Let me make a suggestion, dear reader, think less of yourself and more of the about to be deserted pug. Make the adieu brief, firm, but with the promise (and actual delivery) of a treat upon your return. Your guilt makes us nervous and unsettled. We can only imagine the worst…Am I going to be neutered again? Are my parents leaving me for a better pug? Are they never going to return? Is there no more food? You can see how an elaborate leave taking might torture our little minds while you’re away, particularly when your words are peppered with concern and your face with anxiety.

Another thing you need to understand is that we have no concept of time. Your saying how long you will be gone is unnecessary. Five minutes, an hour, or a day…they are all the same to us. Just return with a treat and all is forgiven. So, sometimes the kindest goodbye is the briefest.

Respectfully submitted,



This is the face of a pug(a beautiful one) waiting. Kind of gets to you, doesn't it?

This is the face of a pug (a beautiful one) waiting. Kind of gets to you, doesn't it?

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