The Last Chapter, or I Did it My Way

If you are reading this, then know that my spirit has left this world and entered into a realm I’ve often considered.

I had to leave some final words to those of you who have followed the trials, tribulations, and great celebrations of my short but incredibly exciting life. Mom, I know you are bereft, lost, and grieving horribly but remember, as I’ve often shown you, that our bond goes beyond this “mortal coil” and transcends this realm into another. I may have left my poor broken body behind but not my spirit…ever.

You must know the life I’ve led humbles me (but not for long). I can’t imagine any pug ever being loved more than I, nor can I imagine a pug who lived more fully, sucking the marrow, both metaphorically and literally, from every possible moment. We traveled together, we shared new experiences, met so many people and dogs, went boating, shucked and ate clams together, went to baseball games, took great walks when I still was fully mobile, cuddled on lazy weekends, visited parks throughout the city, and comforted one another through the hard times. You gave so much and I hope I gave in return…I think I did.

I made you angry, exhausted you, caused you great distress and frustration, but mostly I made you smile…which was my part of our relationship. You knew me better than anyone on the planet and I like to think I knew you as well. As  you recall, it was love at first sight for both of us and that never changed, did it? So, do you really think that kind of powerful energy disappears just because my body isn’t here? You know better.

Now, for the shiftless Lizzard…she will need some attention, I’m not going to lie, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) she isn’t a bad pug even though she is lame. We did share some moments, as you probably recall from my blogs, but keep her in line and don’t let her get lazy and fat. Also, I know you’re not ready to hear this now, but there are a lot of pugs out there who deserve the kind of life and love I received, so please don’t fail to adopt when it is time. Lizzie needs it too.

That’s about all, dear readers and Mom and Dad. I will choose when, where, and how I exit this world so you don’t need to worry about that Mom. I am still in charge. Think of me often (and I know you will) but please with a smile and a story.

Respectfully submitted,


13 responses to “The Last Chapter, or I Did it My Way

  1. Go well. It was a pleasure knowing you, you enriched our lives.

  2. RIP sweet Mason! You are loved and will be missed!

  3. Carol

    Enjoyed following your adventures Mason….you lived a rich life and tho we never met, I felt as if I knew you. Rest in peace sweet boy. Hugs to the ones who loved you so much.

  4. carol

    once again sweet mason, you have touched my heart with your words and left me with a smile (although teary). you were a truly amazing pug and obviously very loved by many. my heart goes out to your family and hope they know you will always live in their hearts. rest in peace, sweet boy…i hear they have lots of marrow bones waiting for you at the rainbow bridge.

  5. Joan (Tuffy and Lucky"s mom)

    God Bless you Mason. Thank you for sharing your life with us. My thought and prayers are with your family too.

  6. you touched my life little Mason…will miss you greatly!

  7. I will miss you so much, Mason. This world won’t be the same without you. Save me a marrow bone, buddy, I’ll be along in a while.

  8. Noreen Becker Scott

    While I didn’t know Mason, I do know the love our four legged companions give us. Rest in peace Mr. Mason, and know that when we too cross over all our passed companions will greet us. As the great “Will Rogers” said, I don’t want to go to heaven if there aren’t any dogs. (not a direct quote, but we all get it).

  9. Kat Buch

    Mason, rest in peace. Thank you for all the story’s about your life. They really made my day. Sending prayers to your family. I will miss you Mason. Love and kisses Mr. Pug. You will always be remembered in my heart.

  10. Erin Byrne

    Such beautiful words, though hard to read through my tears.
    My heart goes out to your family, especially Mason’s mom. I hope you can all take comfort in knowing he had an amazing life, and is now young and well again over the Rainbow Bridge.
    Thank you for sharing your life with is, dear little Mason. You won’t be forgotten.
    ~Erin Byrne (Lexie, Chloe, Coco &Tennille Molly’s mommy)

  11. Sharon Judd

    Oh dear little Mason, you have touched so many hearts with your stories, observations, joys and pains. You have brought such light to the endless and often frustrating process of becoming a senior pug… and we thank you. Run free little man to the great reunion over the Bridge…. your spirit is everlasting.

  12. Thought about you and your family today Mason.

  13. Arrawyn gow

    Oh, my family recently lost our beloved pug, this makes my heart cry, Manson, you are an amzing pug

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