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A Pug Gives Back and Gives Thanks

I won’t take time and space apologizing for the dearth of blog entries…suffice it to say Grandma has been occupied with other endeavors. But as this season of thanks and giving approaches, I did convince her that my loyal readers need to hear from me.

Tomorrow we travel to East 13th Street for our day of celebration, to the home of my male human alter ego, the man I referred to many blogs ago as “an oak of a man” (May 5, 2009), his wife, and bulldog Otis. The plan is to enjoy the fruits of Rachel’s magnificent culinary skills while lounging about in pajamas (not Lizzie and I) and drinking adult beverages. This is an outstanding plan from a pug’s point of view and one which I wholeheartedly applaud. Drinking plus eating on a couch equals sloppy, careless behavior (on the part of the humans), which leads to great rewards for vigilant and alert pugs.

Which brings me to Otis. He is a beast of an English bulldog physically, but a timid pussycat emotionally…a disgrace to all canines.  I, however, discovered soon after meeting him, that with only a look and a threatening growl, I had the power send him running while simultaneously vomiting. Can you imagine my shock and satisfaction when I first witnessed his response? Now, whenever we meet, I immediately recreate this phenomenon. I know, you think I am behaving badly and immaturely. And yes, you are correct but the pleasure it gives is second only to acquiring food surreptitiously. I am already beside myself thinking about the joy tomorrow will bring to this old pug.

I am thankful for: spending time with a real man, Matt, cadging treats and scraps from the feast, teasing Otis until he barfs repeatedly, and ignoring Lizzie. I hope all of you, dear readers, have an equally bounteous day.


Respectfully submitted,


Here is the referenced "beast" on Grandma and Grandpa's boat this summer.

And yours truly...magnificent and powerful.



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