Sunday morning update on Carina and Carissa

April 16th

Hello everyone, we have a busy week, as we are working Pet Expo in OC all weekend long and it took all week to set up, so been really short in time! A little update on Carisa (Carina’s sister) she had a check up this week and doing well, the skin scrapping showed that all the mites are dead YEAH! She still has an infection on her head that we are dealing with and also with the skin infection, her eyes have improved with themeds. So all in all, though it will take time she is doing great and she gained a pound.

Carina had a check up today, she still has many live mites on her, she will take much longer to improve as her condition was truly horrible. Her eyes are much better and the ulcers healed. She does have dry eye and is getting daily meds for that. Her infection is under control, just will take a long time for the skin to improve. Her anemia is improving. She is still on antibiotics. Lost some weight due to her diarrhea which we are still trying to control. We changed her diet and added some nutrigest to help get the good bacteria into her belly. All in all her spirits are great, eating well, and once we get the diarrhea under control hopefully she will start gaining some weight. The left side of her face is still paralyzed. We will be taking her to a neurologist for him to evaluate what is going on. Her left ear still has an infection going on. She is a sweetie and loves to play with her toys and give tons of kisses.

Thank you all for caring and for your support!

Tina Seri – Pugs ‘N Pals


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7 responses to “Sunday morning update on Carina and Carissa

  1. sue

    Iam so happy to hear carina and her sister are doing better it breaks my heart to think they have to go through this because of some heartless person I am so glad they will get the love and medical care they so deserve from all the loving caring people from pugs ‘n pals

  2. So pleased to hear the girls are both improving!

  3. Cindy G

    Thanks for the update – so good to hear that both are on their way to recovery

  4. Mason, thank you so much for keeping us updated on these sweet angels!! We are keeping them in our prayers!!

    Jess & Lilo

  5. I am so glad these 2 pups have each other and all the love they are getting is making them stronger!!! Such sweet little fighters!

  6. Stacy/Brutus/Miley

    Thank you for the update. I enjoy hearing about their progress.

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