This Pug has Nine Lives, or See Puggy Run

Well, dear reader, it appeared that yours truly was down for the count, ready to buy the farm, about to take the big dirt nap on Friday. My hindquarters failed me and I was drinking more water than normal. My mom, rather than wait until Saturday to see the vet, came home from work and took me that day. Blood was drawn, urine sampled, and a grim prognosis given. The vet did give me an injection of Cortisone, hoping there would be some noticeable improvement on Saturday My tearful mom bundled me up in her arms, hailed a cab, and got me home. She phoned Grandma reporting her news and asked her to make an appointment with my Cape Cod surgeon for Monday.

And what an improvement there was Saturday morning! I offer you a brief film as evidence. The blood results came back fine…no anomalies and normal kidney function…BUT, and here is the clincher, I have Lyme disease, which of course caused the dysfunction of my hind legs.

So, once again, I have been snatched from Death’s mighty jaws! My appointment with the surgeon was cancelled and I am now taking powerful antibiotics for a month. Our plans to weekend in Connecticut with my other grandparents were reinstated and off we went on Saturday afternoon. What a glorious weekend it was. Lizzie and I ran with gay abandon over the acres of green grass, basked in the healing sun like frogs on lily pads (Lizzie most resembling that amphibian), and enjoyed the adoration of our family. Like Lazarus, I was restored to life, and like the Phoenix, I arose from the flames. As my Cape Cod grandma said to my mom on Friday, “Don’t give up on the old boy yet; he always comes back.” Yes, Grandma, I do, but not without some drama.

Respectfully and gratefully submitted,


P.S. When viewing my film think “Born Free” or “Chariots of Fire” themes playing over.”>


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26 responses to “This Pug has Nine Lives, or See Puggy Run

  1. sue

    oh poor mason I can see why your mommy rushed you to the vet I am glad you are feeling better and hope you had a fun weekend at grandmas in Conn.I know I get scared every time one of my five pug babies is sick or hurting and its always right off to the vet

  2. Lexie, Chloe & Coco's Mommy

    OMG, Mason, you had me terrified! And while I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick, I’m terribly relieved you’re better and on the mend. And Lyme disease…is that from one of the many nasty ticks on Cape Cod? If you remember a while ago, I told you about our brief experience on the Cape on Memorial Day weekend, ’06…while we loved it and were completely enchanted by it, the ticks were AWFUL! We pulled a total of 9 off our girls…and one off my husband, that had imbedded in his leg! Thank goodness for Frontline, which prevented the ticks from nesting in my babies. And as I recall, you said you check for them daily when you are there.
    I sure don’t know what God was thinking when he made ticks and fleas. I mean, what is up with that???

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing better. You keep on keeping on, okay? I don’t know what we’d all do without our beloved Mason!


    • It would appear I acquired Lyme’s from my last visit to CT in March…nasty buggers, those ticks. The Northeast is rife with them. Thanks for your good wishes and I always keep on…like a Timex watch, I take a lickin’ but keep on tickin’…

  3. Mason and Lizzie – my mom has been reading your stories to me for some time now. Sometimes she cries though, because my brother-pug, Valentino, had some back-end issues just you do, Mason. Since he’s passed away, I’m the only source of puggy entertainment. Oh, the pressure! Like you, Lizzie, I’m up for the responsiblity.
    All this to say, I wanted to be running with you both in your grandma’s yard. I wanted it so much that drooled on mom’s laptop keyboard. She didn’t appreciate that too much!
    Keep up the running, Mason, and I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ll keep hearing your stories whenever my mom takes a minute to read them to me!
    Jezebel the girl-pug

    • I am sorry about Valentino…loosing a pug must be heartbreaking…something every pug owner faces eventually. And, Jezebel, you should have been running with us…maybe someday!
      Thanks for your good wishes and tell your mom to keep reading to you.

  4. mary

    Any updates on Carissa?

  5. Oh my Pugness! This is glorious news!!!

    Lot’s of smushie kisses heading your way.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. Madison

    Dearest Mason,

    I am so very happy to hear that you will be ok.

    Your Gal Pal,

  7. Misty

    Hi Mason, I was pretty worried when I first read your post. Im glad your better and they found the source of your problem. That’s scary and Im glad your running around like your usual self again. I don’t have any updates yet on Carina or Carissa but as soon as I get one I’ll send it to you. Hopefully you’ll get a marrow bone soon to make up for your being sick. 🙂 Ill put in a good word for you..

    • Thanks, Misty. It was scary but I slipped through the net once again.
      People have asked about the two little girls so whenever you have news send it along and I’ll post it.

  8. Mason,

    Glad to hear you are doing so much better. Definitely feeling the Chariots of Fire theme on that video. 🙂

    Hope everyone is spoiling you with treats for having to battle that bad Lyme disease. Don’t really have it down here much, but Mother explained that there was a lot of it when she lived in MA and one of her previous pups had to fight it off, too. Guess it’s pretty scary stuff but I know you are a strong-willed pug and you will overcome this…as you said, a Phoenix to rise again.

    Get well quick Mason…and tell your folks to hide your antibiotics in pieces of pizza. You deserve it, right?


    • Thanks, Wilbur…your words and advice always resonate with me…I am working on the additional pizza ploy whilst recovering…Mason

  9. Oh Mason, I was almost in tears seeing you sprint across that grass!… What a trooper you are… You are a true inspiration to us all…

  10. sue

    Mason , I am fairly new to your blog could you tell me how old you and Lizzie are I own five pugs two boxers and a peke my house is full I have owened pugs for twenty years or I should say they have owned me I just love pugs mine are all 6 years old I love reading your blog and owned by pugs blog it brightens my day

    • Hi… Thanks for writing. Mason is 9 and Lizzie is 5. You should go back to the very first blogs and catch up on their lives if you are interested. The About page also gives information. I’m glad you enjoy Mason’s blog. Thanks, Sue

  11. Mason! Such a scare and Mom not recovered from BJ’s departure for the Bridge! She’s still all aquiver.
    You’re just my age and way too early to even think about leaving. We’ve gotta hang around for a long time yet.

  12. Helena Brown

    I am glad you are recovering Mason, my Mum says this is a very good reason for not drinking out of rivers or ponds and that is why she takes my special water bottle everywhere.
    Take all the treats they will give you, that is what I do. Hektor

    • Thanks, Hektor, for the good wishes.
      I wish water were the culprit but it is Lyme disease which comes from nasty little ticks, almost invisible to the naked eye. The Northeast of the US is covered in them…

  13. sue

    Mason just wanted to let you know I did go back and read the older blogs really enjoyed them thanks

  14. Elizabeth Sommers

    Mason…Dear, dear Mason…..

    I love you more than chocolate…in your terms, more than pizza.

    My heart rejoiced with each bounce you produced across the lawn.

    Play this one right and all your Puggy dreams will come true.

    Your humble fan,

    Elizabeth….from Tennessee

    • Elizabeth,
      I am overwhelmed by your love…I cannot even conceive of such love! Thank you so much for all of your good wishes. I hope you know something I don’t about my dreams coming true.

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